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Congratulations to Our Winners of Renaissance 2016


Pete Flores, Paula Hardeman, Peter Roberts, Shirley Roberts,
Jane Heath, Gary & Candace Love and Hank Jones 

RENAISSANCE 2016 - New Beginnings!




Renaissance 2016 Kicks Off Sunday, January 10th and Continues Until Feb 20th
How Are You Tracking Your Points?



Use this electronic point tracking spreadsheet or go old school and pick up a paper copy. 


Renaissance 2016 @ the Verandah Club is all about getting a fresh start & “New Beginnings”!

Get a Jump Start on a Rocking New Body! Register Now, It’s Free!  (except for the $10 T-Shirt)  


Renaissance is the Verandah Club’s annual six week program to get you fired up about your health & wellness program for the new year!  Renaissance Begins Sunday, January 10th and ends on Saturday, February 20th

Points are awarded for all elements of fitness, health and wellness as well as attending special social events during Renaissance. Set a Total Points Goal for yourself and sign-up for the special classes & events worth 150 points each!

What is a New Beginning?  For some, it’s the ending of one chapter and the unwritten pages of the next.  For others, it’s a renewed purpose, a new vision and even a new direction. One of the most impactful new beginnings involves improving one’s health and wellness.  That’s why each year brings about new hope to start over – fill those pages with a story that leads to a better quality of life.  We set new fitness goals and better eating habits, we try new things and open our minds to new experiences.  We strive to be a New and Better Version of Ourselves!


I’s our goal here at the Verandah Club to help you in your journey and we hope to inspire you in your New Beginning for 2016!


Registration is already going strong - Sign Up at the Fitness Desk Upstairs Now!

Come Start Your “New Beginning” with Us at the Verandah Club!


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